Tyler’s Easy Pad Thai

Guys, I had my first seafood taco this weekend. Maybe not earth-shattering news for you, but for me, it is! My friend, Caroline, and I had firecracker shrimp tacos on Saturday after months of me complaining that I’d never had a seafood taco, and it was life changing. Easily the best taco I’ve ever eaten…I talked about it for the rest of the night. And now I’m blogging about it. It was THAT GOOD. I’m trying to figure out how to recreate it for the blog…stay tuned!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was good, although I always feel like the weekend is too short. I had a good balance of productivity and laziness, and plenty of kitty snuggles. I also had A LOT of phone conversations. I’m not a big phone talker, but this weekend, I talked to both my sisters, my mom, and two good friends. One of them is my friend, Tyler, who actually lived with me for awhile last year. Now, I’ve basically lived alone since college, so letting Tyler stay here was a big deal. I enjoy living alone. I like knowing that if I leave something in the fridge, it will be there when I get home. I like taking long, hot showers and not having to worry about saving water for another person. I like being able to run downstairs without pants on, so I can get a warm pair of pants out of the dryer. But, I let Tyler stay, and in return, he introduced me to “Scandal” and made me insane amounts of pad thai. Now, if I want thai food, I go out. But, Tyler’s pad thai is SO GOOD. So good, that I’m sharing it here today, with some minor revisions. (I have this listed as a 2 serving recipe, but if you like pad thai as much as I do, you can easily eat it yourself.) Now, get in the kitchen and whip some up for yourself!

Tyler’s Easy Pad Thai

 FullSizeRender (57)

What I’m Listening to: “Toledo Surprise” from The Drowsy Chaperone soundtrack

Ingredients (makes 2 servings)

-2 oz flat rice noodles (I found mine in the Asian food section at HyVee)

-1 tbsp brown sugar

-1 tbsp lime juice, plus wedges for serving

-1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce

-1/8 tsp sriracha

-1 tbsp vegetable oil

-3 green onions, white and green parts, separated and thinly sliced

-1 clove (or 1/2 tsp) minced garlic

-2 large eggs, lightly beaten

-Lightly salted, roasted peanuts

In a medium saucepan, soak the noodles according to the package directions. Drain when done. While the noodles soak, whisk together the brown sugar, lime juice, soy sauce, and sriracha in a small bowl. Set aside.

In a large skillet, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat. Add the white part of the onions and garlic, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Add the eggs and continue to stir, until the eggs are set, about 30 seconds. Transfer the eggs to a bowl.

Add the noodles, green onions, and sauce to the skillet. Mix well until heated through; add the egg mixture and toss to coat. Serve the noodles with salted peanuts. Add lime wedges and cilantro, if desired.

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